Roto Molded Plastic Pallets

Made by Roto-molding process these pallets outperform the steel and timber Pallets on all counts, Ideal for dynamic and static storage. Our plastic pallets are an innovative solution to reduce the cost of material handling systems. It is a cost effective alternative to traditional wooden pallets.

Why Plastic Roto-Molded Pallets?

  • Cost effective:The initial cost of plastic pallets is a great deal more than wooden pallets, but Life span of plastic pallets is several times longer than that of the wooden pallets. Due to its durability and benefits, users can realize the cost savings in using plastic pallet within 3 years.
  • Stability / Safety: Even after a few years of usage, our pallets will retain its original condition in terms of size, rigidity and shock absorbency. It is known that faulty wooden pallets are dangerous for the operation. Our pallets will ensure the safety of its usage for a long time
  • Clean & Sanitary: Our pallets are weather proof, termite proof & Fungus resistant, & can be cleaned by water or air.
  • Resistant to Chemicals: Our plastic pallets are resistant to most chemical hence does not rot, decay decompose or react with stored material, it will protect your material at their best condition.
  • No Maintenance Cost: >Plastic pallets do not leave any chips, nor have nails hence no maintenance required like wooden pallet.
  • Standard Design & Specification:Design and specifications of pallet are as per International standard; hence pallet can be handled by any standard handling equipment.
  • Strong & Durable : Due to one piece molding structure, reinforcement designing technology our pallets are strong enough to take any kind of load in repeated use.
  • Natural Resources Savings/ Recyclable: Plastic pallets are made from Polyethylene material. Using recyclable plastic preserves natural resources, while reducing waste. Wooden pallets consume precious natural resources; up to 10 million trees are cut each year to produce the same.
  • These pallets can be manufactured up to 5 ton load capacity
Available sizes

Size (L x W x H) mmEntryApplication
1000 x 1000 x 150 2 Way & 4 Way.Indoor.
1100 x 1100 x 1504 WayIndoor.
1200 x 1000 x 150 2 Way & 4 Way.Indoor & Exports.
1200 x 0800 x 1504 Way Indoor & Exports.
1200 x 1200 x 1502 Way & 4 Way.Indoor.
1050 x 0750 x 1504 Way Indoor.
1050 x 0650 x 150 4 WayIndoor.
0910 x 0635 x 1504 Way Indoor.
0750 x 0630 x 150 4 WayIndoor.
1375 x 0950 x 1504 WayIndoor.