Injection Molded Garbage / Dust Bins

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We has always been a pioneer in introducing new range of material handling products & hence now it proudly introduces its all new range of Injection Molded Garbage Bins, which are compatible to universal lifting mechanism complying Indian Standard. Injection Molded Garbage Bins consist of 2-Wheeled Bins: (60 ltr, 120 ltr, 240 ltr & 360 ltr capacities & 4 -Wheeled bins: (600 Ltrs & 1100 Ltrs capacities) Injection Molded Garbage Bins are environment friendly & helps to keep our society clean & healthy.


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Detail SpecificationCapacity 60 Ltrs.Capacity 120 Ltrs.Capacity 240 Ltrs.Capacity 360 Ltrs.
Nom. Volume (l)60120240360
Dead Weight approx (kg)8.411.315.522.2
Useful load (kg)404896136
A-Overall Height (mm)65893510651181
B-Overall Width (mm)465480580670
C-Overall Depth (mm)534560735854
D-Overall Edge Comb (mm)5938709901092
E-wheel Diameter (mm)200200200300

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Detail SpecificationCapacity 660Capacity 1100
Nom. Volume (l)6601100
Dead Weight approx (kg)4585
Useful load (kg)264440
A-Overall Height (mm)11601351
B1 - Width13601375
B2 - Width12601250
C1-Overall Depth (mm)7701037
C2-Overall Depth (mm)8751110
D-Upper Overall Edge Comb (mm)10951200
E-wheelbase Depth (mm)490750
F-wheelbase Depth (mm)870840
G-wheel Diameter(mm)200200
Available sizes

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Sr. No.MODEL Remarks Liter Cap. Truck Load
1120 L Wheel Injection Molded 120.00 120.00
2240 L Wheel Injection Molded 240.00 80.00
3660 L Wheel Injection Molded 660.00 20.00
41100 L Wheel Injection Molded 1,100.00 10.00

Roto Molded Garbage Bins

We have come up with state-of-the-art HIGH TECH WASTE BINS. These bins are used by Municipalities, Hotels, Airports, Commercial Complexes, Residential Areas & also public places like parks etc.

Salient Features:

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Safeguards public health
  • Prevent diseases, safe for workers
  • Resistant to UV radiation
Available sizes

Sr. No.MODEL Remarks Liter Cap. Truck Load
150 Ltr.Roto Molded 50.00 2,000.00
260 Ltr.Roto Molded 60.00 1,800.00
380 Ltr.Roto Molded 80.00 1,500.00
4100 Ltr.Roto Molded 100.00 1,300.00