Pallets Racking

Pallet racking systems is widely used storage racking System in the market. It is a most popular form of storage for palletized goods. Pallet racking systems help smarter space management, reducing costs in material handling, improving housekeeping, & space utility. Improved material handling leads to better efficiency and productivity.

These components are designed to handle any load capacity per level and per rack, thus creating tremendous saving in space and handling. Load beam span is available upto any height for storage of non-standard items. These systems can be installed in all kinds of storage rooms, finished goods store, cold rooms etc. These components can be assembled, disassembled, reassembled to have new configuration suiting your daily changing needs at absolutely no extra cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Pallet Racking system suitable for keeping unitized load (various types and sizes of pallets)
  • Allows 100% accessibility to each pallet
  • Suitable for a large variety of SKUs
  • Highly versatile system suitable for varying pallet sizes and loads
  • Flexible system to adjust varying heights depending on the type of pallets
  • Suitable for warehouses of various sizes, and heights i.e., low to tall heights of warehouses
  • Basic system can be used with accessories for specific storage – eg. Drum storage, die storage
  • Suitable for specific applications – seismic, cold storage applications, etc.
  • Component standardization to facilitate rapid layout and installation
  • High modularity for future structure scalability
  • Various size configurations